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Mazuri Alpaca Chews is a mini-cubed supplement especially designed to meet the nutritional needs of Alpacas fed hay or pasture, and is formulated with the leading alpaca veterinarian, Dr. Norm Evans.

A complete ration in pellet form designed for all life stages of chinchillas.

COLORFUL COMPANIONS® Caribbean® Cockatiel Blend contains triple-cleaned seeds and premium fruits to give you fresh product with high palatability. Vitamin and mineral-enriched pellets also contain feather conditioners designed to give your bird strong, bright feathers.

Mazuri® Ferret Diet is an extruded product formulated for complete life-cycle feeding, using ingredients appropriate for carnivores.

Mazuri Alpaca Growth & Repro Diet was developed with the leading alpaca veterinarian and nutritionist, Dr. Norm Evans. This diet is a coarse-textured sweet feed designed to provide the necessary nutrients for growing, gestating and lactating alpacas.

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